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The Public Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of Regional stakeholders that provide input and recommendations to the ESRWMP and Steering Committee (SC).

Regional stakeholder PAC members include governmental agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), disadvantaged communities (DAC's), and other community-based organizations involved with water resources issues and land use decisions. Types of NGO's include environmental and conservation groups, and reclamation, utility, and irrigation districts to name a few.

The PAC is the first tier of decision making for the IRWM with one example being recommendations for developing project prioritization methodologies to the SC. The PAC also helps screen, integrate, and rank IRWM Projects.

Each stakeholder organization or group is represented on the PAC by one primary and, it is preferred, one alternate member. Each stakeholder has equal representation.

The PAC provides direct public communication and seeks public feedback and input.

PAC meetings are open to the general public and may provide comment and input on any meeting item.

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