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The East Stanislaus Region currently has 51 projects listed in the IRWM Plan database. The projects are reviewed and scored according to the Goals and Objectives criteria established for the Region. These submitted projects can be viewed in the OPTI Project Website. As part of the 2017 Plan update, the Region will be updating the project database.

The DWR schedule for the Prop 1 Implementation Grant Applications is expected to be due in summer 2018 with release of the Draft Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) in spring 2018. An Implementation Grant would provide competitive-based funding to construct qualified projects within the IRWM Region for projects included in the IRWM Plan. With completion and approval of the East Stanislaus 2017 IRWM Plan Update set for early summer 2018, our Region would be eligible to apply for these grant funds.

If you are a stakeholder and have not signed up for OPTI, the Region's Online Project Tracking and Integration program, please click OPTI to request membership. The Region opened the OPTI database for new projects and update of existing projects from August 7 through September 29, 2017. Steering and Public Advisory Committees meetings were held on October 23rd at Ceres Community Center to discus Project Prioritization.

Click to enter the OPTI website. The OPTI system is also being used for project solicitation for the Stanislaus Multi-Agency Regional Storm Water Resource Plan.

The East Stanislaus IRWM Goals and Objectives can be found in the documents tab or click here

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